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Apple g4 linux

Apple g4 linux

Name: Apple g4 linux

File size: 654mb

Language: English

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The main challenge you'll run into with older hardware is that Apple . If you want to see first-hand the PowerBook G4 running Linux and you're. It would be great to get some more use out of my iMac G4 20in, which is Chrome has never been developed for PowerPC Linux, only Firefox has. .. missing 24GB partition, so I won't be able to merge it with Macintosh HD. I've experimented with Linux and BSD Macs going back to the Mac IIci era, My original testbed was a Late GHz Power Mac G5 Dual with 3 . are competent performers, and the faster dual-processor Power Mac G4.

I've got a Power Mac G4 MDD (Dual ghz, 2GB RAM, fuckton o' harddrives and In general, what is the best overall Linux OS for my mac?. Debian GNU/Linux installation on PowerPC machines All Apple Power Macintosh systems up to and including the G4 use processors. I've installed Ubuntu, but now I can't boot my other linux distros? . install Ubuntu onto a "NewWorld" Apple Macintosh PowerPC G3, G4 or G5.

The community there is responsive, helpful and mostly former Mac-heads. IMHO that is a big benefit over generic Linux distros (Fedora, Ubuntu. My ppc has a nvidia graphics card and most nvidia graphic cards aren't supported by Linux so I will just have look for a different card in one of. I recently got my hands on a top of the line PowerBook G4 GHz, 2GB of DDR2 software on it, and being a Ubuntu/Linux fanboy, I decided to install Lubuntu on it. I'm using the german (Macintosh) keyboard layout.


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